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1. Are all injuries and incidents preventable?
2. Is working safely a condition of employment?
3. Is strong leadership, participation and commitment to safety everyone's responsibility?
4. Is it critical to follow structured safety systems to achieve safe workplace?
5. Facilities, equipment and tools shall be designed, operated and maintained to a high standard.
6. Unsafe practices are allowed in certain situations.
7. How many "life saving rules" does High Risk Solutions have?
8. Is "work within the work permit system" one of HRS "lifesaving rules"?
9. Are you supposed to use proper PPE at all time?
11. Is anybody authorised to enter a confined space?
12. You are required to protect yourself against fall when working at heights.
13. Is authorisation required before ground disturbance activities?
14. Drug and alcohol policy can be followed by arriving at workplace "fit for duty".
15. Is authorisation required to work on or near high voltage equipment?
16. Is authorisation required to override or disable safety critical equipment?
17. Rules of the road don't have to be followed in workplace.