HRS has invested in integrating its HSEQ processes, to provide a seamless means of working to the highest standards. To complement this HRS prides itself in employing individuals who embrace the organisations culture and thrive within it. HRS has a combination of assets, skills, and relationships which place us in a strong position to for fill the expectations of our clients

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High Risk Solutions is committed to providing and maintaining a safe and healthy workplace for all workers (including contractors and volunteers) as well as clients, visitors and members of the public. Hazards and risks to health and safety will be eliminated or minimised, as far as is reasonably practicable. 

Our goal is to provide a safe and healthy work environment that is free from workplace injury and illness. This will only be achieved through the participation, co-operation, and commitment of everyone in the workplace, as well as regularly monitoring and measuring HRS Health and Safety Systems.

We strive, with our employees and partners, throughout all our facilities, operational worksites and offices, to achieve the very highest safety standards.


High Risk Solutions respects our relationship with the natural environment and its life-sustaining ecosystems and recognizes the need to maintain and restore a rich biodiversity. HRS acknowledges the adverse impact that human activity can impose and takes actions to prevent degradation of our natural system, while supporting the repair and recovery of those systems.


HRS Management places particular emphasis on the commitment and competency of its employees to continually improve all service delivery processes and, on the expertise, and reliability of its main suppliers.

Our quality management system demands effective and timely responses from our management team in order to achieve customer satisfaction.

We will regularly monitor and measure the performance of the management system by undertaking internal audits and inspections and by reviewing the progress made towards the implementation of individual quality objectives.

To underpin HRS Solutions commitment to Health, Safety, Environment and Quality, our systems are now certified to the following standards.

ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems

AS/NZS 4801 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems

ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems

ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems

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David Nunn, CEO of  High Risk Solutions
Over the last year, life, as we know it, has changed, in order not only to trust our services but to flourish in these times, let's keep talking and sharing experiences about our HRS journey .

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