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High Risk Solutions Pty Ltd (HRS) was established in November 2012 and is proudly locally owned and operated by a team of industry specialists. With over 2000 tonnes of scaffold available on hand and the backup capability when required, High Risk Solutions is your one-stop job for any size project. The High Risk Solutions team continuously strives to improve on the services we deliver and has implemented successful project teams for large, one-off projects. The development of such teams is possible through industry partners that work closely with the company. 

High Risk Solutions greatest asset is the ability to look at each job differently, often coming up with simpler, more economical solutions,





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We offer employment opportunities to locals and work closely with community groups we specialise in working with a variety of different industry sectors, including  Commercial, Marine, Rail, Mining, Oil & Gas, Energy, and Residential.   

We are technological leaders in the Scaffolding and Rigging industry: We have moved to a Digital Era; employees can do remote training from home or remote areas, and conduct inspections online using our Software. 

Clients portal: Where clients can have a project bank and save thousand on future projects as they would have photos, drawings, gear lists, inspections and timesheets from every project at the click of a button





High Risk Solutions have highly motivated staff that are trained in many High Risk areas including, scaffolding emergency response, site mobilisation and more.  If you need a job done right, High Risk Solutions are the team to contact.

Shutdown Access Packages

Scaffolding Software Packages   

Project Access Packages

Site Mobilisation and Transport                 

Breakdown and Emergency Response                                    

 AT-PAC / Modular / Tube and Fit 

Aluminium Handrail Systems

Scaffold Hire

Scaffold Design Certification
 EWP, Forklift, Dogging and Labour   


Geda Hoists & Winches

 Boiler Kits / Aluminium Boards   

Temporary Fencing / Safety Nets 



High risk solutions work with experienced engineers to approve our scaffold design, ensuring the highest safety standards are met on all projects

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High Risk Solutions have multi-disciplined and ticketed riggers to make sure every job is done right. Our staff includes riggers that are experienced in lifting, moving, transporting, positioning, and the securing of heavy equipment, machines and oversized loads.

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High Risk Solutions can cater to all your Shut-Down needs from scaffolding designs, labour and execution to safety gear, transport, and gear hire. We are highly proficient in all Shut-Down areas and can give your business exceptional advice for their situation.




Our team uses a scaffold tube and fit edge protection that doesn’t need to touch the building or screw into fascia or gutters. The versatility of this type of scaffold means they can be assembled in a wide variety of different configurations, and fit even the most complex of building designs. This scaffold is rated to hold a person weight with ease, ensuring safety is maintained.


High Risk Solutions have an extensive kwikstage system that is galvanized and painted for all your modular scaffolding requirements. This type of scaffolding is most useful and cost-effective when facade form is simple on the building (for example house wraps, industrial shades and straight runs) .


AT-PAC is the go to solution in complex situations when adaptability is the key. It has been proven to offer 30%+, cost savings in industrial style work. The vast array of different components (all available from HRS) are what makes AT-PAC so user friendly and versatile, it is a ideal for tank internal and external scaffolds,  pipe racks, hung scaffolds, stretcher stairs and any hard to access areas. 


  HRS has a team of over 100 multi-disciplined scaffolders and riggers with a range of different expertise including;  Maintenance, r ail, marine, industrial, fixed plant, mobile plant, Commercial, residential, building, mining and construction industry.  

All our employees hold current High-Risk work licenses, work at heights, confined space, EWP, forklift, Dogging and many other relevant tickets.  

Up and over 

Employees working on projects within Australia

Up and over 

Tonnes of HRS Scaffold available

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Gladstone HQ

Shutdown & Maintenance   

- HRS has a Diverse Team; inducted in every Gladstone site, with the     wealth of the experience in Shutdown, maintenance and Projects 

- Currently stocks boiler kits, Geda hoists, Aluminium products and edge      protection, as well as a full range of safety scaffolding equipment 

- Cement Australia; Maintenance contract

-  Continuos works for QAL, GPC and Rio Tinto

BOWEN BASIN COAL MINES                                Emerald  

HRS has a base in Emerald, where we have local multi - ticketed scaffolders (advanced scaffolder, Riggers, EWP and forklift tickets) all with years of mines experience.

There is over 100 tonnes of gear a small fleet of trucks and fast access to the main yard in Gladstone

BMA - Blackwater, Continuous works - over the last seven years -  

Kestrel Mine - Central Queensland: Maintenance Contract

- Gregory Mine; ongoing Scaffolding Works

- Local scaffolders and Riggers base in Emerald with Equipment all     employees are diverse with EWP, Forklift and minimum requirement     Dogman ticket 

- Experience and Ticketed Team

HRS has a yard in Rockhampton same as Emerald 

The Rockhampton yard has a focus on the housing and commercial sector while also providing services to the local mines

- Shutdown Access Package   

- Scaffold Erection & Dismantle   

-  Residential and Edge Protection 


High-Risk Solutions is committed to Health, Safety, Environment and Quality excellence in all of our activities wherever we operate  

High-Risk Solutions has a combination of assets, skills, and relationships that place us in a strong position to deliver value-based growth. When making decisions on how to manage our business, we take these, as well as other resources and relationships that are critical to our ability to create value sustainably, into account. 

Human Capital . 

Developing and Retaining Talent

Social and Relationship Capital .

Strong relationships and proactive engagements with our stakeholders 

Natural Capital 

Protecting the environment

Financial Capital . 

Sustainable financial performance through value creation across human social nature and manufacturing capitals

Manufactured Capital 

Managing our assets and infrastructure

We refer to these as the 5 capitals. Inputs of each are needed for the effective delivery of our services, thereby generating value for all our stakeholder.

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Our Values   

Our Values were specifically written to reflect ownership (notice the "we" statements) as well as actionability (notice the verbs in each statement).  This helps us approach our values in a very practical manner.  To further ensure that there is a common understanding of our values and what they imply They are not intended to be rules, as such, but rather to guide individuals and teams in conversations about how to make the values real and so they can be lived on a daily basis.  How values are effectively lived should be firmly grounded in the realities and challenges of each team.  Importantly, once a team has defined this, it should be kept alive through regular reflection, conversation, and mutual learning. 

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Promoting the Safety, Health, and Wellbeing of our people. Safety is a top priority at High-Risk Solutions: we strive for zero harm. Our approach centers on understanding our risk landscape and managing our activities in a way that eliminates incidents of minimises risk and promotes excellence in the performance of our operations.  

Our safety approach is built on a strong foundation of leadership and competency and is strengthened by clear policies and procedures relating to safety risk management, leading practice performance standards, incident investigation, and behavioral science. At an organisational level, we drive our safety initiatives through a management framework that supports our goal of achieving zero harm and sustainability through a risk-based, standardised and systematic approach. The Health, Safety, Environment, and Quality (HSEQ) executive team and senior management across the operations provide visible commitment and lead this effort.

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Important deliveries associated with our environmental footprint. Adopting a transparent approach to environmental compliance and investing capital projects to minimise our environmental footprint. Having a system in place to monitor and respond to community concerns regarding our environmental performance of our service.


We are a team of highly motivated and committed people. We provide access solutions through scaffolding, rigging and height safety equipment. We have a proven record of building scaffolds in tricky, difficult areas where the competition maintained it couldn't be done. Our goal is to be a one-stop shop for all access solutions.    

We offer a range of different scaffolding systems, including aluminum, kwikstage, tube and fit and we have access to layher equipment and swing stage scaffolds. We have erected mast climbers, an alternative means of access which is cost-effective and fast - saving our Clients' time and money. 

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David Nunn &  Alejandra Nunn .   Co-Founders of High Risk  Solutions (HRS)

David and Alejandra are the driving force of the company.  A double Diploma in Business and Human Resource Management has helped David forge the company to what it is today. Ten years experience scaffolding within the mining, construction, and residential sectors.  Dave's vision is for HRS to be the top-rated scaffolding and rigging firm in Australia.

Alejandra is relentless in her drive for continuous improvement within the company.  Alejandra draws from her experience running her own company in South America and is instrumental in pushing the boundaries.

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Chris Hindley . 
Emerald and Rockhampton Supervisor

Chris has extensive scaffolding experience, particularly in the mining sector and is our go-to man for BMA, Blackwater, having forged a great working relationship with the client.  Chris is currently completing the S123 Supervisory course. 


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Jon Arber .   Labour and Ops Manager  

Jon brings a wealth of experience to HRS, having worked extensively in Australia and overseas. Jon's best asset is his ability to look at each job differently, often coming up with simpler, more economical solutions. Jon's strength is also in his ability to foster good working relationships with both the men of the ground to top management.  Jon has successfully completed Cert IV in Frontline Management and is currently completing Cert IV in Work, Health & Safety   

Tom Wooldridge  .   Estimator - Shutdowns

Tom has extensive scaffolding experience,  having worked extensively in Australia;  started Supervision about 16 years ago, Tom brings with him a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of scaffolding in maintenance environments with a keen interest in the fact that teamwork delivers results

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Kandy Stratford   .   Administration Manager

Kandy is a key member of the HRS team and brings with her almost 20 years of experience and knowledge from within the industrial/construction administration sector.

Kandy has been an integral part of HRS's growth. As the overseer of all administration/financial functions, Kandy strives to ensure these operations are continually running efficiently.

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Kaitlyn Stratford .   Junior Administrator

Kaitlyn is the newest administration team member to come on board with High Risk Solutions. As the Junior Administrator, Kaitlyn is eager to learn as much as possible in the early stages of her working career and is currently completing a CIII in Business Administration with HRS.



HRS has a record of helping out more than 100 community projects in less than seven years, community matters to us, today and always!

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 32-34 Cotton View Rd Emerald 4720 QLD

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