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1. The assembly points for the Gladstone office are at both front gates.
2. It is my responsibility to apply all health and safety rules to keep who safe?
3. The administration and management team may use phone calls, text messages and emails to communicate with me about my work requirements.
4. Choose the right word to fill in the blank. “I will ____________ work at heights without ensuring appropriate measures have been taken to prevent a fall.”
5. Choose the right word to fill in the blank. “I will ____________ conduct work for which I have not been trained and assessed as competent.”
6. Choose the right word to fill in the blank. “I will ____________ immediately report injuries, near misses and incidents.”
7. What is the accepted blood alcohol level at High Risk Solutions?
8. During my employment with High Risk Solutions, including working on client’s sites, I am required to submit to random drug and alcohol testing.
9. Where are you permitted to smoke when at High Risk Solutions’ sites and client’s sites?
10. Appropriate times to use your mobile (select all correct answer/s) –
11. Discrimination and bullying are acceptable at HRS as long as you only do it to be funny.
12. Up to how many hours can you work in a day?
13. I may work up to 14 days straight, but if I am fatigued, I need to speak with my Supervisor.
14. If I do not submit my paperwork and do my inductions this will not impact my ability to work.
15. In regard to fitness for work, I _________________ declare pre-existing health conditions, injuries and surgeries.
18. Different sites may have different requirements relating to Covid 19 vaccinations and reporting.
19. Task rotation is a good strategy to reduce heat stress and fatigue
21. Can dehydration impact your kidney function and have long term health impacts?
22. Does ‘trained and competent’ mean the same as ‘experience’?
23. In the hierarchy of controls the two most effective controls are
24. This risk matrix assesses which of the following two
25. Once you have completed your initial risk assessment, put controls in place and do your reassessment, which colour means you can commence work without the Supervisor signing off?
26. When considering our environmental impact, HRS takes into account
27. What does this definition describe? “Unexpected events or occurrences that result in unwanted or undesirable outcomes.”
28. An unsafe act is a breach of safe procedures which could result in an incident. Which of the following is an unsafe act?
29. An unsafe condition is a physical condition or circumstance that could allow for an incident. Which of the following is an unsafe condition?
30. Incidents beyond basic first aid will be investigated.
31. When conducting incident investigations what are we trying to achieve?
33. The ‘RGBY’ inspection and tagging system for lifting and rigging gear has to be done every
34. It is my responsibility to ensure my working at heights fall prevention equipment is brought in to the yard and tagged and tested.
37. I agree to participate in additional inductions for the various sites we contract to once notified by administration staff.
38. If I am ever unsure, unhappy or have concerns I will