Contractor Scaffold Kit - 5 Tool

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    The fully tethered Retractable 5 Tool Econo Scaffolders Kit comes fully assembled with five quality tools and retractable steel tethers, installed on strong Nylon weave Econo Belt.

    Lightweight, functional, heavy-duty and cost efficient, this kit is designed to provide today’s Scaffolder with a tool system that out-performs expectations and is recognised as ‘best practice’ in the industry.

    1 x H01114 Econo Belt
    1 x H02062 Claw Hammer Holster
    2 x H02048 Retractable Ratchet/Wrench Holster
    1 x H02055 Retractable Tape Measure Holster
    1 x H02019 Retractable Single Tool Holster With Auto-Lock
    1 x H02056 Tape Measure Catch
    1 x H01073 Bungee Tether Dual-Action
    3 x H01030 Screwlock Cable
    1 x D13001 Claw Hammer
    1 x K00070 Scaffold Ratchet
    1 x D28313 Shifter 10"
    2 x H01021 Swivel Catch
    1 x D17010 Stabila Scaffolders Level