Bolt-Safe Pouch

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A 'best in class' self-closure system makes it almost impossible for loose nuts, bolts and other small items to fall out of the Bolt-Safe Pouch.

Even when turned upside down and shaken vigorously, the Bolt-Safe Pouch keeps all contents trapped safely inside. Attaches to belt, railing, harness or scaffold tube with a load rated Velcro strap.

Compatible with both tool belts and harnesses, the Bolt-Safe Pouch self-closure system allows for easy retrieval of contents, even when wearing gloves.

The automatic self-closure system means no effort is required to keep contents trapped and secure.

Key Features

Keeps objects such as nuts, bolts, screws etc. securely enclosed.
Fits easily onto most tool belts and can easily be fitted to harnesses and rails with a velcro strap.
Vinyl material that repels oil and is easy to wipe clean.
Reach-in retrieval and automatic self-closure mean no more lids or zips.

Max Load (D-Ring): 2.5kg
Max Load (Pouch): 5.0kg