Phone Gripper

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Now you can tether your phone/mobile device WITHOUT the need for a permanent or semi-permanent connection point. Coupled with the supplied Non-Conductive Coil Tether, the Phone Gripper uses purpose-built silicon to create a fully load rated mobile device tethering solution with zero impact on device operation.

Traditional mobile device tethering relies on the use of destructive adhesives directly on your mobile device, attaching a load rated ring to your mobile device that never comes off.

The Phone Gripper’s flexible design allows you to tether your phone ‘on-demand’, allowing you free use of your mobile device when not operating at height.

Key Features

Includes 1 x H01075 Coil Tether (Non-Conductive)
Custom silicon compound designed in Australia.
Avoids installing a permanent connector point on a mobile device.
No additional adhesives required.
Integrated and fully load rated tether connection eyelet.
Compatible with virtually every smartphone make & model.
Minimum Phone Size: 135mm x 65mm x 7mm
Maximum phone size: 160mm x 80mm x 10mm
Max Load: 0.3kg