Modular Drop Mat

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    Made from a heavy-duty, self-extinguishing canvas, The GRIPPS Modular Drop Mat provides a safe personal work area for works conducted on Gridmesh or steel grate flooring.

    Gridmesh and steel grate flooring present one of the highest risks when it comes to dropped object incidents. The Modular Drop Mat mitigates this by allowing workers to conduct virtually any task without fear of small objects falling through the mesh.

    Conveniently located and fully load rated tether anchor points allow workers to attach any tool weighing up to 3.0kg to the mat itself. Velcro knee pads add an extra level of practicality and comfort, with the added benefit of being able to be moved around and reattached to the drop mat to suit different work environments.

    Raised edges prevent tools and objects from rolling off the mat, and a reinforced zipper running along each side allows you to connect multiple Modular Drop Mats for even broader coverage.

    Transportation is made simple as the GRIPPS Modular Drop Mat folds up into a handle parcel size with twin carabiners that connect to matching docking points on the GRIPPS Mule Bag.

    Key Features

    Heavy-duty 26oz self-extinguishing canvas.
    Moveable velcro kneeling pads.
    Eight fully load rated D-Rings for tethering tools.
    Zippers on each side allow you to attach an unlimited number of Drop Mats to each other.
    Folds up and attaches directly the to GRIPPS Mule Bag through purpose-made carabiners.

    Max Load (D-Ring): 3.0kg/6.5lbs
    Size When Open: 110cm x 108cm x 5cm
    Size When Folded: 53cm x 28cm x 9cm