Tool Catch 25mm x 90mm

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Key Features

Tactical nylon for maximum strength.
Closed metal ring to prevent warping with use.
An easy installation process that can be done on-site.
Fully certified and load rated when used with V-Gripp Tape.
Available in two sizes.

Sizes: 12mm x 55mm, 25mm x 90mm
Max Load: 1.0kg (12mm x 55mm)
Max Load: 2.5kg (25mm x 90mm)
Installation Instructions

Cut a length of V-Gripp Tape approximately 30cm (or enough to go around the tool 10 times).
Position the Tool Catch on the tool.
Apply V-Gripp Tape, pulling it tight and without covering the 'Ring' on the Tool Catch.

Size: 25mm x 90mm