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Ringlock is a modular system scaffold which enables users to quickly and efficiently erect, use, and dismantle temporary work structures. The AT-PAC Ringlock system conforms to ANSI/OSHA Regulations, European, Chilean, and Australian standards.

All  Ringlock products are engineered to meet the highest quality standards based on three simple factors:

MATERIAL AT-PAC only uses the highest quality steel in our products.

Our steel is certified and tested, meeting and exceeding industry standards in any climate or locale.

FIT AT-PAC products are engineered with versatility and usability in mind. Our modified product designs increase efficiency and productivity, saving your projects time and money.

FINISH Where applicable, at-pac products are finished and protected by zinc galvanizing. This method of finishing maximizes utilization and extends product life.

kiwikstage .

Aluminium Kwikstage scaffolding is an easy-to-use, lightweight system that is simple and fast to erect, making it more cost-effective as it saves on labour costs. 

The Features of Aluminium Kwikstage Scaffolding Systems

Lightweight components – almost a third of the weight of the steel counterpart.

Exceptionally simple to erect certified to 20m.

Medium duty with a rating of 450kg per double-width bay.

Maximum free-standing height 4m otherwise required to be stabilised with ties to the structure.

Steel Kwikstage is a heavier scaffold, suitable for larger projects such as industrial, commercial and mining projects.

Features include:

Components are Hot Dipped Galvanised (HDG) which prevents rusting and requires minimal maintenance.

Lifetime guarantee on all welds.

Highly versatile and simple to erect licensed to 45m.

This heavy-duty scaffold is rated at 675kg per bay.

Certified to Australian Standards AS/NZ 1576.3 with WorkSafe Design Registration.

Trailer Pack available consisting of 15 lineal meters x 4m working platform.

Aluminium Stairway eliminates ladders and improves safety and efficiency on site. Tested and approved to Australian Standard AS 1657.



Tube and fitting scaffolding uses scaffold tube, boards and fittings to create a sturdy structure.

The scaffold tubes are fixed to one another using couplers, clamps and fittings and, unlike system scaffolds, are not pre-assembled.

This system creates a secure and stable structure where scaffold boards can be installed creating a safe work platform for tradesmen.


handrails .

Our handrail posts are a component of the atpac, kwikstage or tube and fit handrail, providing you with quick and easy installation in exchange for a safe construction site.

Suitable in commercial projects and developed with industry-standard steel, these posts facilitate worker safety and productivity.



Scaffold Edge Protection is often used as a general solution for providing guardrails and barriers to protect workers or equipment against falls from scaffolding.

HRS scaffolding edge protection solutions are compatible with most scaffold brands. In our solutions, the nettings, barriers, posts, and accessories can be combined with scaffolds perfectly to achieve safety on scaffolding platforms or access.



High Risk Solutions has invested in a scaffolding software package that has been implemented within our business for the last 4 years where clients can have a project bank and save thousands on future projects as they would have photos, drawings, gear lists, inspections, timesheets and cost analysis from every project at the click of a button from any device & information is always in the cloud.

We have developed a lightweight “Monkey Beam” capable of transporting a load up to 750 kg safely and easily where craneage is impractical. Please refer to the video provided with our submissions for more information on this equipment.



High Risk Solutions provides a variety of solutions using Geda hoists and winches, to reach and lift anything. GEDA offers a wide range of unguided and guided wire rope lifts. Different designs, load capacities, hoisting speeds, and specifically developed load carrying devices make the compact lifts reliable and versatile helpers on the building site.

This Geda hoist carries 300kg, folds down and fits through a 450mm hole allowing it to be put back together safely on the other side. Cutting down time and save manual handling on the erection and dismantle of boilers,

We have the the right people with the knowhow and technical experience.


High Risk Solutions offers a quick solution for boiler systems with our aluminium scaffold that is light and quickly erected. Currently stocks boiler kits, Geda hoists, Aluminium products and edge protection, as well as a full range of safety scaffolding equipment.



High Risk Solutions offers a quick solution for boiler systems with our aluminium scaffold that is light and quickly erected. Currently stocks boiler kits, Geda hoists, Aluminium products and edge protection, as well as a full range of safety scaffolding equipment.



Chain Blocks, Slings, Chains, Skates, Static lines.



To get people, tools and equipment to heights safely and quickly, there are times when traditional working solutions can limit productivity. Powered access platforms offer a flexible way to reach jobs at height – they are fully mobile and can access areas with restricted space, improve site safety, and save money.


TRUCKs, MOFFETT, forklift and barge .

High Risk Solutions has vehicles that have a lot of space as well as carrying their own forklift to load anything on the truck.