Locals beating COVID-19 together

To date, Gladstone has remained relatively unscathed medically, but a lot of businesses are in pain, due mainly to the physical isolation measures that have been introduced. As a community, we have been smart and lucky.


Smart comes down to risk minimisation;

Physical distancing
Personal hygiene
Visiting the doctor as soon as you are symptomatic
But most importantly not introducing an unnecessary risk of exposure to the local community.

It's really disappointing to regularly hear of workers driving to and from Brisbane and it's surrounded on weekends and other work breaks. If the virus isn't here the only way it will get here is if someone brings it in.
Gladstone is in the enviable position of having a highly-skilled local workforce and great local companies, well able to supply our needs and we should try and use them as our first port of call. it's good for business, for our health and good for ongoing prosperity.

COVID safe doesn't start and stop at the front gate, this is just dumb.

Try to keep it local, we do.