keep trusting our team and flourishing together, Stay safe!

Over the last few months, life, as we know it, has changed, in order not only to trust our services but to flourish in these times,

HRS has acted quickly to adapt our team to be able to carry on works safely with recommendations from health officials and from our team;  new procedures are in place and these are some of the recommendations to follow; social distance; 1.5 m rule;

Stop all nonessential contact; like shaking hands

Hand wash, hand sanitizer, face socks, adequate PPE given to all teams 

Fewer people in truck, utes, front and back system apply 

Toolbox talk about risk and prevention and safety

Number of people allowed in the crib rooms to be monitored according to site policies

All employees have been asked not to be in a group larger than 10 people including crew room and work sites,

COV-19 Questionnaire before people go-to site, 

Wilson and Elliot's roster split shifts, where people don't see other people in a separated roaster 

Listen to government recommendation and legislation about personal responsibility and pass it to our crew, 

COVID-19 is here and we are together in this, we will keep adapting our services to keep working efficiently to respond to our client requirements beyond there expectations, This is a perfect time to test and go through our online induction and training platform. Our IT team is always working on continuous improvement to allow us to conduct some remote training and utilise our platform, our QR scaffolding Tags are ready to use too. 

keep trusting our team and flourishing together, Stay safe!