What Differentiates HRS

Established in November 2012 and is proudly locally owned and operated by a team of industry specialists. With over 3000 tonnes of scaffold available on hand and the backup capability when required, High Risk Solutions is your one-stop job for any size project.

Multiskilled employees within our workforce. All our current employees hold current High-Risk work licenses, nationally recognised working at heights and confined space certification, and various classes of high risk work licences such as scaffolding, EWP, forklift, dogging and many other relevant tickets. All employees hold current medipasses (Fitness for work medicals) and have several years of experience right here in CQ.

Range of goods and services

We provide access solutions through scaffolding, rigging and height safety equipment. We have a proven record of building scaffolds in tricky, difficult areas where the competition maintained it couldn’t be done. 

We have erected mast climbers, an alternative means of access which is cost-effective and fast -  Having our Clients' time and money.

Our GEDA winches are used on large jobs to reduce labour and crane costs, also minimizing manual handling and potential injuries. The winches have proved highly cost-effective and are simple to use and quick to set up.

We have developed a lightweight “Monkey Beam” capable of transporting a load up to 750 kg safely and efficiently where craneage is impractical. Please get in touch with us for more information on this equipment.

We offer a range of scaffolding systems, including aluminium, kwik stage, tube & fit, and we also have access to layer equipment. We can also procure and erect swing stage scaffolds. We have erected mast climbers, an alternative means of access that is cost-effective and fast – saving you time and money.

We also have a range of winches wide range of aluminium componentry – truss beams, I beams and mobile gear – which cuts down on our labour costs and reduces the risk of manual handling injuries.

Scaffolding software package implemented within our business for the last four years. Features of this package include:

Clients portal: Clients can have a project bank and save thousands on future projects as they would have photos, drawings, gear lists, inspections, timesheets and cost analysis from every project at the click of a button from any device & information is always in the cloud.

The client has access to our platform. Within the platform, you can see quotations, sales orders, Invoices, projects, inspections and any other task, as shown below.


Continuous Improvement
2D & 3D design division and HSEQ update