Smokefree Workplace Policy

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Document Reference: HRS-POL-OHS-005.0

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1. OHS POLICY HRS - POL - OHS - 00 5.0 Document Name and Reference Date Effective Version Set Review Planned Review Page HRS - POL - OHS - 005.0 Smokefree Workplace Policy 02/05/2018 2 3 yearly 02/05/2021 1 of 1 Smoke Free Workplace Policy Our employee smoking policy outlines our rules regarding smoking in the workplace. This policy aims to protect non - smokers without unreasonably depriving smokers from their right to smoke. This policy applies to all employees of HRS and visitors including, contractors, volunteers, work experience students, trainees and clients. HRS recogni s es the negative impact of smoking on the health of the individual and the rights of people to be prot ected from the dangers of passive smoking. It is acknowledged that the individual has the right to choose whether or not to smoke, providing this does not constitute a risk to others or contravene safety provisions or reduce the employee’s productivity. Our employees who smoke need to follow this policy so they will: • Protect non - smokers from second - hand smoking • Avoid setting off alarms and smoke detectors • Avoid fires from discarded cigarettes We permit smoking during normal breaks at Designated Smoking Areas only. We expect employees to respect this policy and their colleagues - non - adherence will result in disciplinary action in accordance with the HRS Discipline Policy. David Nunn M anaging Director


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