Safety Declaration

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Document Reference: HRS-POL-OHS 011.0

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1. Document Name and Reference Date Effective Version Set Review Planned Review Page HRS - POL - OHS 011.0 Safety Declaration 18/06/ 2018 1 3 years 18 / 06 /2021 1 of 1 Safety Declaration ‘ Growing safe l y not quickly ’ is a culture we ensure all employees embrace and is the platform from which we grow. Our safety declaration is a basic set of life - saving rules that address es critical risk in the workplace. These rules identify those work processes, which, if conducted i n an unsafe manner, can lead to a fatality or multiple fatalities. High Risk Solutions has identified the following workplace risks because everyone deserves a safe work environment and we require that all employees and contractors acknowledge these risks in the workplace and commit to abide by these rules and communicate them to work mates: • I will never work at heights without ensuring all appropriate measures have been taken to prevent a fall. • I will never work under or in close proximity to a suspended load. • I will never conduct work for which I have not been trained and assessed as competent. • I will never enter a confined space without ensuring all appropriate measures have been taken to prevent my injury. • I will never attend the workplace if I am unfit for work through alcohol use, drug use, or fatigue. • I will never conduct work on un - isolated equipment. • I will never operate a vehicle or piece of equipment or plant in an unsafe manner. • I will never deactivate or by - pass a life sav ing device. • I will always immediately report injuries, near misses and incidents. I understand the application of these life - saving rules and the consequence for myself and other people if there is a breach on my part. In the event I am at any time unsure about the application of a particular rule, I commit to STOPPING the job, WARNING others and seek ing immediate assistance. Everybody deserves the right to go home from work in the same mental and physical state they arrived in. David Nunn M anaging Director


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