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Document Reference: HRS-POL-HR 006.0

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1. OHS POLICY HRS - POL - HR 00 6 .0 Document Name and Reference Date Effective Version Set Review Planned Review Page HRS - POL - HR 006.0 Mobile Phone Policy 20/04/2018 2 3 year 20/04/20 21 1 of 1 MOBILE PHONE POLICY HRS will issue you with a mobile phone, or other type of communications device if considered necessary for you to perform the duties of your position. This device is provided primarily to enable clients or other staff to contact you during and after normal working hours. You must not use the communications device while driving, unless it is cradled in an appropriate hands - free device and complies with rules and regulations as set out in the Queensland Transport Act. Privat e usage of the device should be kept to a minimum. If HRS finds private use of the communications device is excessive, you may be requested to reimburse us for the non - work related calls, and management may require you to return the device to HRS. Your usa ge of the communications device may be monitored or audited from time to time to ensure compliance with this policy. Lost or broken devices: You are responsible for the communications device and must treat it with the same degree of care you treat your own possessions. If the communications device is lost, damaged or unable to be used, you must report that to your Manager or Supervisor as soon as possible. If loss of, or damage to, the communications device is attributable to your negligence, HRS may req uire you to pay for the cost of repairs to, or replacement of, the communications device. On termination of your employment : you must return the communication device (as well as any battery chargers or other accessories we supplied) to your Manager or Supervisor. Personal Communications Devices: If you bring your own communications device to work, you must ensure it remains switched off during working hours. The appropriate time to use your own communications device is before and after work and during rest breaks. Personal Phone Calls: HRS appreciates that circumstances may arise from time to time which will require you to make and receive personal telephone calls during working hours. However, to ensure that your personal telephone calls at work to do not disrupt the efficient operation of HRS business and for safety reasons, you must: • Not make or receive any calls to conduct business for your own gain or profit or business that is unrelated to HRS business. • Not make any calls to fee for service numbers or non - business related calls to intra - state, interstate or international numbers; local numbers only. • Limit your personal calls to matters that can only be dealt with during working hours. • Keep your personal calls as short as possible. • Immediately terminate a personal call if you are requested or required to return your attention to the duties of your position. David Nunn Managing Director

2. Document Name and Reference Date Effective Version Set Review Planned Review HRS - POL - HR 006.0 Mobile Phone Policy 18/06/ 2018 1 3 years 18 / 06 /2021 Name Signature Date


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