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Document Refernce: HRS-POL-HR 001.0

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1. OHS POLICY HRS - POL - HR 001.0 Document Name and Reference Date Effective Version Set Review Planned Review Page HRS - POL - HR 001.0 Industrial Relations Policy 20/04/2018 1 1 year 20/04/2019 1 of 1 INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS POLICY High Risk Solutions recognises that it is imperative that we establish and maintain a good working industrial environment with our workers and clients. An important part of the Company’s approach is to make industrial relations a line manager’s responsibility. This ensures that high priority is given to industrial relations throughout all levels of the organisation. Our goal is to: • provide a framework for the conduct of industrial relations in the workplace that is fair and just, based on legislative requirements; • promote efficiency and productivity in all areas of the Company; • facilitate appropriate regulation of employment through awards, and employment contracts; • prevent and eliminate any discrimination or victimisation in the workplace; • provide for the resolution of disputes and grievances in a prompt and fair manner and with a minimum of legal technicality; and • encourage and foster a cooperative workplace with equitable, innovative and productive workp lace relations. High Risk Solutions conducts regular training for all staff. Our Supervisors are responsible for the day - to - day running of our procedures at site level, which incorporates our total commitment to the Fair Work Act 2009. High Risk Solutions industrial relations policy emphasises that any issue is resolved at the level of management nearest to the workforce. If not settled at that level, the issue is escalated to a higher level of management and workforce representatives, and if necessary, to an Industrial Umpire. To achieve these aims, High Risk Solutions has established the following policies: • to abide by the provisions of the relevant awards and agreements, with particular focus on their impact and implementation on, and to, regional and local issues; • to strive to organise work so that workers are effective and derive job satisfaction; • to prov ide training to line supervisors in leadership, communication and human behaviour; and • to communicate and keep our staff well - informed on industrial matters. High Risk Solutions aspires to eliminate lost time, down time and unproductive work practices that arise through grievances or disputes pertaining to industrial relations. We will advise all clients of High Risk Solutions during the progress of the work, and within 24 hours of becoming aware, of any industrial relations or OH&S matter which may have a n impact on the construction program . High Risk Solutions are committed to providing an efficient work environment that provides optimum opportunities for all workers and stakeholders and will develop strategies to continuously measure and improve on productivity performance. David Nunn Managing Director

2. Document Name and Reference Date Effective Version Set Review Planned Review HRS - POL - HR 001.0 Industrial Relations Policy 18/06/ 2018 1 3 years 18 / 06 /2021 Name Signature Date


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