Grievance and Dispute Resolution Policy

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Document Reference: HRS-POL-HR 002.0

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1. OHS POLICY HRS - POL - HR 00 2 .0 Document Name and Reference Date Effective Version Set Review Planned Review Page HRS - POL - HR 002.0 Grievance and Dispute Resolution Policy 20/04/2018 1 3 year 20/04/2019 1 of 1 GRIEVANCE AND DISPUTE RESOLUTION POLICY H igh Risk Solutions has a grievance and disputes policy encourages prompt informal resolution of grievances as they arise. Interpersonal or job - related problems should be worked out in ‘ good fait ' and management encourages you to attempt to amicably resolve any dispute through informal discussion. HRS acknowledges that sometimes you may require assistance resolving interpersonal problems. The following grievance process applies if the assistance of management is required to resolve a grievance. Grievance Process You complete an Employee Grievance Form and lodge with your immediate Manager or Supervisor. • You are entitled to the involvement of a support person for all or any part of the process, and this includes involving that person in all discussions you have w ith management • Everyone involved in the process must make a positive contribution to the process, and must keep all matters discussed in the process ‘in confidence’. • Only those individuals with a genuine reason to do so will have access to the information that is submitted as part of the process. • Any person(s) who has had a formal grievance lodged against them shall have a right of reply at all stages of the process. • Management will investigate all grievances in a timely, courteous and confidential manner. Investigations will start within 48 hours of lodging of a properly completed Employee Grievance Form, or sooner, if the grievance relates to an imminent workplace health & safety concern. If, in management opinion, there is such a concern, HRS shall be entitled to take whatever immediate action we consider appropriate in the circumstances. Investigation of the grievance will not jeopardise your employment with HRS. • You may withdraw your grievance at any time prior to it being resolv ed. However, if performance issues have been discovered during the grievance process, we shall be entitled to address those issues with you and/or the relevant individual(s), despite the withdrawal of your grievance. • If resolution of your grievance is not achieved by agreement of all parties within a reasonable time, HRS shall be entitled to request the assistance of an external consultant or mediator. You will have input into the choice of that person. That person’s costs will be paid by H RS, and their recommendations will form the guidelines on which the grievance will be resolved. • Once you have received the recommendations of the consultant or mediator management will request you to sign the Employee Grievance Form that the matter is now resolved to your satisfaction. • Should you not agree to the recommendations of the consultant or mediator in resolving your grievance or dispute you should seek further advice from your external professional ad visors, federal or state commissions or tribunals. David Nunn Managing Director

2. Document Name and Reference Date Effective Version Set Review Planned Review HRS - POL - HR 002.0 Grievance and Dispute Resolution Policy 18/06/ 2018 1 3 years 18 / 06 /2021 Name Signature Date


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