Fitness for Work Policy

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Document Reference: HRS-POL-OHS 004.0

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1. OHS POLICY HRS - POL - OHS 004. 0 Document Name and Reference Date Effective Version Set Review Planned Review Page HRS - POL – OHS 004.0 HRS Fitness for Work 02/05/2018 2 Y early 02/05/20 19 1 of 1 Fitness for Work At High Risk Solutions we believe safety is integral to a great business. We recognise that Fitness for Work (FFW) is a significant issue with a potential impact upon the health and safety of company employees, the safety of the company's operations, and the protection of the environment. FFW can also have significant negative impa cts on operational and business decision making. We are committed to ensuring that all employees, contractors and visitors are in a condition that enables them to perform their work competently . To achieve this, we will: • Identify, assess and manage our f itness for work risks. • Utilise practices, including pre - employment medicals, that aim to ensure employees, and contractors are fit, capable and are able to undertake their assigned roles. • Ensure everyone understands the requirement to present to work in a condition whereby they are physically and mentally capable of safely carrying out their duties. • Provide information to all employees and contractors on how to recognise the signs and symptoms of fatigue. • Conduct alcohol, substance and drug testing of employees, contractors and visitors on a regular basis, where we expect zero blood alcohol content, and no usage of substances or drugs that adversely impact a person’s fitness in the work place. • Regularly review Fitness for Work procedures and practices. • Consistently enforce and record disciplinary procedures for employees and contractors in breach of Fitness for Work policies and procedures. Each person in the workplace will: • Take care to ensure his or her own safety and Fitness for Work. • Avoid adversely affecting the safety or health of any other person. • Declare if taking medications or have a medical conditions that could impact on their ability to undertake work safely. • Inform their respective supervisor of any changes in their personal circumstances that may affect their Fitness for Work. All issues pertaining to these matters shall be kept strictly confidential. David Nunn Managing Director


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