Anti-Discrimination Policy

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Document Reference: HRS-POL-HR 003.0

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1. OHS POLICY HRS - POL - HR 00 3 .0 Document Name and Reference Date Effective Version Set Review Planned Review Page HRS - POL - HR 003.0 Anti - Discrimination Policy 20/04/2018 1 3 year 20/04/20 21 1 of 1 ANTI - DISCRIMINATION POLICY H igh Risk Solutions (HRS) is an equal opportunity employer that remunerates equally for equal work. HRS treat all employees on their merits, without regard to race, age, sex, marital status or any other factor not applicable to the employee’s position. HRS values employees according to how well they perform their duties, their ability, and their enthusiasm to maintain the standards of service set by the business. Management do not tolerate any form of discrimination and believe all employees have the right to work in an environment free of discrimination. Federal and State anti - discrimination laws state that, discrimination in employment on the following grounds is against the law: Age Marital Status Pregnancy Physical or Mental Disability Family and Carer Responsibilities Nationality Political Belief / Activity Trade Union Activity Lawful Sexual Activity Sexual Preference Sex Religion Parental Status Race Criminal Record Social Origin Gender Identify Employer Responsibilities: Employer responsibilities include ensuring that: • All employees are treated equitably and are not subject to discrimination; and • Employees’ who make complaints, or who are witnesses to discrimination or harassment are not victimised in any way. Accordingly; • Any reports of discrimination or harassment will be treated seriously and investigated promptly, confidentially and impartially. A written complaint is required. • Disciplinary action will be taken against anyone who discriminates against a co - worker. Discipline may involve a warning, transfer, counselling, demotion or dismissal, depending on the circumstances. Employee Responsibilities: If you believe that you are being or have been subject to discrimination, take appropriate action in accordance with this policy. At the first instance, raise your concern with your immediate manager or supervisor. Provide your immediate manager or supervisor with a written complaint on the Employee Grievance Form . If your complaint relates to the behaviour of your manager or immedia te supervisor, submit your Employee Grievance Form to their immediate superior. Management will ensure that your complaint is managed confidentially, impartially, and dealt with in a sensitive manner. Investigations will begin within 48 hours and you will be fully informed during the process. You may withdraw a complaint at any time during the process. Discrimination occurs when someone is treated unfavourably because of one of their personal characteristics. Discrimination may involve: • Offensive "jokes" or comments about another worker's racial or ethnic background, sex, sexual preference, age, disability or physical appearance. • Display of pictures, computer graphics or posters which are offensive or derogatory. • Expressing negative stereotypes of particular groups, of workers. • Judging someone on their political or religious beliefs rather than their work performance. • Using stereotypes or assumptions to guide decision - making about a person's career. • Undermining a person's authority or work performance because of dislike for their personal characteristics. David Nunn Managing Director

2. Document Name and Reference Date Effective Version Set Review Planned Review HRS - POL - HR 003.0 Anti - Discrimination Policy 18/06/ 2018 1 3 years 18 / 06 /2021 Name Signature Date


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