Alcohol and Other Drugs

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Document Reference: HRS-POL-OHS 001.0 A

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1. OHS POLICY HRS - POL - OHS - 001. 0 Document Name and Reference Date Effective Version Set Review Planned Review Page HRS - POL - OHS 001.0 Alcohol and Other Drugs Policy 01/03/2017 3 yearly 01/03/2018 1 of 1 ALCOHOL AND OTHER DRUGS HRS is concerned about the effects of alcohol and other drugs on safety and job performance. It is the objective of HRS to foster an attitude amongst all employees and Contractors that it is not acceptable to come to work under the influence of drugs and alcohol that inhibit them from performing their duties in a safe and efficient manner. HRS will:  Meet its legal obligation with respect to providing a safe working environment;  Provide education and training on the potential workplace performance issues associated with alcohol and drug use;  Conduct random drug and alcohol testing as required. The unauthorised possession, consumption, distribution or sale of alcohol or performance inhibiting and/or illegal drugs at HRS workplaces is strictly prohibited and shall result in disciplinary action up to, and including, dismissal. David Nunn Managing Director


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